TNI welcomed 48 students (27 males, 21 females) to TNI Summer Program


             TNI welcomed 48 students (27 males, 21 females) and one lecturer from partner universities to join the 4th TNI Summer Program during 23 August-3 September 2012.  This 12-day itinerary aimed to experience students with enjoyable activities through Thai Language class learning, team-work building, cultural exchanging and lifestyle exploring.  High-lights include homestay and buddy program which students can make friends and have fun-filled summertime memories.   The partner universities were listed below:

1.        Chiba University

2.        Gunma University

3.        Daido University

4.        Kanazawa Institute of Technology

5.        Kochi University of Technology

6.        Kyushu University

7.        Muroran Institute of Technology

8.        Osaka Institute of Technology

9.        Osaka Prefecture University

10.     Osaka University

11.     Setsunan University

12.     Shibaura Institute of Technology

13.     Shinsyu University

14.     Takushoku University

15.     Tohoku University

16.     Tohoku Institute of Technology

17.     Toyota Technological Institute 

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